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    Clayathon 2021 - Virtual Retreat and Workshops


    Dispel the darkness of winter and the isolation of Covid-19 with COLOR, CLAY and CREATIVITY at the 16th Annual Clayathon Retreat on February 13, 14 and 15. The Registration fee is $35 and includes 6 hours of demos by Guest Artist Carol Blackburn plus hanging out with Kathleen Dustin, Lindly Haunani, Loretta Lam, Syndee Holt and all your Clayathon friends.

    Carol Blackburn's 6 demo are included in the Retreat registration fee. Check out the Clayathon program

    Check out my Clayathon class here!


    There are also 16 luscious virtual Workshop options. Four will be taught on each of the Workshop days, February 11, 12, 16 and 17. Contact the teachers directly to register and pay for each of your chosen workshops. Check out all the Clayathon classes here!



    Itīs a great concept and working with Alison and her team is such a pleasure!

    I have a number of classes in the archives and I will add more over time. Please do check out my on-line classes on CraftCast!
    Check out my online classes here!

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